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About Karishma TV

It’s Technology’s CHARISMA
Using the most advanced technology in the world, KarishmaTV brings all of the content from around the world through the internet to your television. And you don't even need a PC! Just connect the Karishma Box to your television and then plug it in to your broadband access - either cable or DSL. That's all it takes. Turn it on and with one click of the Karishma remote you'll be watching KarishmaTV.
KarishmaTV connects to your television, presenting easy-to-use menus for browsing our vast library of TV Channels, Stage & TV dramas, music videos, movies and more! All the best content from around the world delivered straight to your TV.
Simple to Use
Using Karishma remote, find the program, drama, show or movie of your interest and click. It's just that easy. You can also select from KarishmaTV's large library of VOD content and just click and watch. This is so much better than running to the store or ordering DVDs online. KarishmaTV also comes with other cool features like weather and horoscope.
Easy to Install
There are just three steps: Plug, Plug & Play
1. Plug the Karishma Box to your broadband internet
2. Plug the Karishma Box to your TV.
3. Play your favorite programs by clicking on your Karishma remote!
What to expect on Karishma TV
In addition to youtube, Karishma TV brings thousands of International TV Programs, movies, regional and international sports, stage & TV dramas, videos, and much more in different languages to your living room. Karishma TV carries more than four thousand free videos and TV programs and more than one thousand paid videos and programs on their platform. You have the choice to enjoy news, sports and other content from around the globe in the comfort of your home, office, hotel, or anywhere you have access to internet and a TV set.
Karishma TV is making your TV experience limitless;
No installation
No wiring
No computer
No phone line
No contract
No set up fee
No monthly bill for Karishma Basic Service (to enjoy over 4000 free channels and videos)
Karishma TV – Taking you places

TV Shows & Programs
We bring thousands of local and international TV programs directly to your TV without the need of any Satellite, Cable or PC.
Internet Videos
Watch billions of Internet Videos available on worldwide web on your TV using Karishma Box and Remote. No PC is required.
Sports & Live Events
Watch hundreds of live events on Karishma Box. Your favorite games, concerts & matches coming from all parts of the world.
Movies & Drama
We bring Movies, TV & Stage Dramas, Talk Shows, Cartoons & Religious content from around the world directly to your TV.